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From afar the shape of this leopard captures it's strong form and stealthy demeanour as it lurks down a fallen tree branch. But up close, it's spotted fur is made of delicate individually pressed white bridal wreath flowers.

Nigella blooms on the tree branch make this piece feel quite enchanted. 

Though the original was commissioned for someone's son, I felt strongly during the creative process that everything in nature is both wild and beautiful, masculine and feminine.

I absolutely loved creating this piece and feel as though it allowed me to further discover what I intend to convey through my artwork- namely, the undeniable beauty and untamed wild found in nature and all her inhabitants. 

You will receive a Giclée print of my original made entirely of pressed wildflowers and botanicals. Giclée prints are of the highest quality and do an excellent job capturing the colour and texture of the flowers.  

All prints are made to order. Once you place your order please allow for 2 business days for printing.